Ideas for Selecting the Perfect Earphones and/or Earbuds for Your Needs

In today’s technology-rich world, as you search high and low for the perfect earphones and/or earbuds, you are sure to discover that there are numerous options out there…so many that it can be quite a challenge to find the right pair for your practical needs and pure enjoyment.

To help you make the right decision and have fun with the shopping process, we hope the following questions will help you make the right decision!

  • What activities do you need them for? Before making a selection, take time to assess the activities you’ll need them for including workouts, outdoor adventures, work, school, travel, daily commute, dance, boating, or….fill in the blank.

For instance, if you are regularly commuting for hours at a time, you may desire a pair of earphones with mic built in. In the case you’re a rock climbing fiend, you’ll probably want a pair of earbuds that fit snug as a bug in your ear canal. For dance, you just may want to go groovy with a wireless headphone. The sky is the limit!

  •  Do you have large or small ears? Your ear size should definitely be taken into consideration because earphones come in all shapes and sizes. The last thing you want to do is be uncomfortable while listening to your favorite music grooves. It is definitely possible to purchase earbuds that are too large or too small for extended use.
  • What type of music will you be listening to? This is quite important because some earphones are made especially for specific types of music, such as superior bass. If your music tends to be bass heavy, you won’t want to get stuck with a pair of headphones that pump out crackly and distorted sound. Dare to choose bass earphones that make you want to groove and sing out loud.
  • What look are you going for? If you are fashion conscious, you’ll want to choose a pair of earphones or earbuds that inspire your soul. Look for color combinations and designs that appeal to the eye.

While engaging in your wild and crazy search for superior music products, the most important thing to do is have fun! The beauty of such an item is that if you do your homework, you can’t go wrong! Whether you are looking for a pair of earphones that are small and discrete for use at work, comfy earbuds to wear for hours at a time while on your bike, or off-the-hook bass in earphone to inspire your hip-hopping self, you are sure to discover the right product!

This article was developed to help men and women find the perfect pair of headphones, earphones, and/or earbuds to fit their unique lifestyles. There are many choices in today’s electronics market; however, it is possible to find the perfect pair for individual use. The secret lies in careful research to uncover the ideal product that is comfortable, multi-functional, and sounds amazing. This can include earphones with superior bass, built in microphone, or features for small ears.

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Radius Earphones – The Ultimate Gym Earbuds

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of the gym wearing a pair of uncomfortable, bulky headphones in an effort to drown out the drone of the lack-luster gym music? In today’s world, you have the power to leave those bulky headphones at home or drop them off at the Goodwill – then turn to a sleek pair of earbuds for salvation!

In case you are unfamiliar with the term earbuds, they are high-quality earphones with soft buds that fit snuggly within your ear canal. The beauty of these puppies is that they fit so well that you can jog, run, sprint, spin and dance without them falling out of your ears. Plus, a good pair inspires you to wear them for hours without pain or irritation.

Radius Earphones is one of the premiere developers of earbuds for adventurers at heart. Active men and women love them so much that they utilize them no matter where they go. For instance, rock climbers enjoy listening to crystal clear music as they pull their way up mountain peaks; cyclists glide like the wind while enjoying off-the-hook bass; and body builders are inspired as they rock their way muscle gains.

Why Radius Earphones?

 Radius has been heralded by top reviewers at CNET, PC World, Macworld and more. The reason for their success lays in the fact that:

  1. The company is committed to leading the way in innovation for music lovers around the world.
  2. They work to solve specific problems for their customers, such as developing earphones for those with small ears, for those who live forbeautiful bass, and/or for active individuals.
  3. All customers can be sure that they are gaining top-quality products at affordable prices. Additionally, no matter which product a customer purchases, he or she can sleep easy knowing that if it breaks or stops working within a year of purchase, it will be replaced free of charge.
  4. Sound output is out of the world! Radius earphones put out crystal clear tunes that are never tinny or distorted.
  5. Customer service is superb and delivery is prompt. Radius takes care of their customers and is always willing to listen. In fact, the company thrives on noting consumer ideas and implementing them into their new designs.

The possibilities are endless with Radius Earphones, as they make for perfect iPhone earphones and are also compatible with iPads, MacBook Pros, PC tablets, Android phones, Blackberries, PC laptops, and more. Whether you are looking for sports, earphones, jogging headphones, headphones for exercise, earphones for work, or headphones witha built-in mic for the car, there is bound to be a solution to fit your need!

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Radius Earphones Ideal for Exercising of all Types

In today’s multi-faceted world, music lovers need a pair of headphones that are versatile and comfortable, no matter where life takes them. Radius Earphones is aware of this fact and continually develops cutting-edge products for a diverse mix of consumers, especially where exercise is concerned!

Radius sports earphones are ideal for mountain biking on nature trails, running marathons, lifting weights in the gym, and climbing up rocky cliffs. They are the ideal exercise earphones because of the way they fit within the ear canal – as snug as a bug!

4 Elements that Make Radius Earphones Ideal for Exercising:

  1. Earbuds Make All the Difference in the World. Radius has designed amazingly soft earbudsthat fit comfortably within the ear canal. They’ve even created two sizes (Regular & Small) to accommodate various ear types. Athletes can wear them for hours without pain or irritation. 
  2. Amazing Sound! Not only are they comfortable, the sound is off the charts. This motivates exercisers to reach new heights and get in the zone. Too many sports earphonesput out distorted and tinny sound. Radius’ founders love sports and have succeeded in developing the perfect pair for both comfort and crystal clear listing. 
  3. Quality, quality! Radius prides itself on creating extremely high quality products and utilizing materials that can last for years. Because they are 100% committed to quality, the company guarantees all items for one year, and will replace defective products within a few days. 
  4. Lightweight. Radius headphones are ultra-light. This makes them ideal running earphones, jogging headphones and gym headphones. Bulky ones are far too uncomfortable for daily use, and usually inspire most athletes to succumb to yanking them off.

earphones with mic

Exercisers have been so impressed with Radius Earphones that they give them two thumbs up time and time again! This also has to do with the fact that Radius offers best-in-class service and always listens to the needs of its customers.

Apart developing exercise-perfect earphones, Radius prides itself on continually innovating products that solve specific problems. This includes developing bass friendly ear buds, helping those with small ears experience comfort, and making the transition between listening to stellar music answering a phone call seamless.

So how can I get my hands on a pair of Radius Earphones you may be wondering? All you have to do is visit and review its exciting array of products. The site also reveals the fact that CNET, PC Magazine and Macworld recommend Radius because of its deep commitment to its customers, high quality products and off-the-hook pricing!

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The Perfect Earphone for iPhones, iPads, iPods & Macs

Apple aficionados shouldn’t accept anything but the best when choosing accessories for the iPads, iPhones, iPods, MacBook Pro or Mac Air, especially when it comes to a pair of earphones. They should be user-friendly, ultra-comfortable, intuitive and high quality.

Because Apple users depend daily on their devices, it is a must that accessories can be used no matter where they go.  Say you are going on a trip across Europe and you want to take your iPad, iPod or iPhone with earphones along to keep you connected to the world you left behind, learning more about the worlds ahead. You might feel that you won’t get excellent sound quality out of a pair of earbuds or earphones, so you’re considering taking a bulky pair of headphones to do the trick. While you know the headphones will take up tons of space, you just fear you’ll be stuck on a train from London to Berlin and unable to drown out the sounds around you by playing your favorite tunes.

And say while on your trip you want to give a friend a call via Skype and the big, bulky headphones you brought along don’t have a built-in microphone to keep your conversation private in an Internet café. You’ll wish you had a nice pair of earphones that could do the trick.

Running Earphones….Then you decide to take a run through the South of France and want to take your iPod Shuffle along with you to invigorate your soul while running. Your headphones seem annoy to you because they cover half of your head and feel awkward, but then you say to yourself…”If I brought a pair of earphones, they’d just fall out while I ran and the sound would be pathetic and tinny.

It is important for you to know… there is a pair of earphones that provide ultimate comfort, a perfect fit, and crystal clear sound! Atomic Bass Earphones by Radius have been top rated by CNET and other online technology review sites. Plus, they are compatible with all Apple products including MacBook Pro, MacAir, iPad, iPad2, iPod and more.

Atomic Bass is ideal for all activities under the sun including running, exercising, listening to bass heavy music (these puppies know how to handle bass!), taking calls via iPhone or Skype, listening to books on tape on the iPad or iPod, watching movies on a MacBook Pro and more.

Unlike many earphones with built-in mic that put out distorted sound, Atomic Bass offers balanced and powerful sound that you’d expect to come from an expensive pair of headphones. Additionally, these soft & comfortable earbuds fit at a unique, secure angle that keeps them from falling out of the ear during rigorous activities. At $39 a pair, you can’t help but know you are getting an amazing deal – plus for your European adventure, they’ll only take up a tiny amount of space in your pack.

Atomic Bass Earphones developed and manufactured by Radius Earphones, a leading innovator of high-quality, comfort-driven products. Radius is not just an earbuds company, they innovate products that solve specific problems for music lovers around the world. Additionally, the company’s earphones are regularly reviewed by major online technology sites and magazines, which regularly provide rave reviews based on quality, comfort and price.

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The Ideal Earphone for Sports Enthusiasts

The athlete is an exceptional being who has within his or her soul the will and drive to set a goal and go for it, no matter what it takes. Triathletes are bold enough to set aside their precious free time to make sure they are experts on a bike, able to run like the wind, and swim like a fish. The rock climber is willing to put it all on the line for a never-ending vertical climb and keeps his sights on only reaching the top. There is no turning back for the loyal climber. And the football player knows that he must be in perfectcondition and train every day toresist injury. Discipline is the name of his true game, and with it comes glory.

To reach their goals, no matter what they may be,many athletes depend on music to help them power through their workouts. Whether utilizing an iPod, iPod Shuffle, iPhone or Android as their music device of choice, a pair of stellar earphones is a must. The following are a handful of guidelines to help the athlete find the right pair of earphones to keep him or her on the right track:

What Athletes Should Look for In a Pair of Earbuds/Earphones:-

   1.       A pair of earphones should fit snuggly within the ear.Whether running, biking, lifting weights, rock climbing or rowing, an athlete shouldn’t worry about the earphone falling out and be forced to stop what they are doing. Radius Earphones are the best earphones for running.

    2.       They should be comfortable:-There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of earbuds/earphones that hurt the ear. Training is already painful enough and requires a pair of earphones that inspire extended use.

    3.       Sound quality should be off the hook! When training for an event, athletes should be pumped up. Top quality sound, coupled with favorite tunes is a perfect recipe for drive and motivation. Earphones should never put out tinny, distorted sound when bass is pumped into the eardrum.

    4.       An option to answer phone calls is nice touch. An earphone with Mic for taking phone calls, with a push of a button, is a nice feature for those who are running or biking long distances. The transition from music to call should be seamless.

If you aren’t familiar with Atomic Base earphones and are an athlete, you definitely want to learn more! They are ideal for most sporting activities and training, while providing the ultimate fit, comfort, high-quality sound, and a built in mic to boot! For only $39 (and a money back guarantee), Atomic Bass Earphones are one of the hottest sellers on the market and rated highly by top tech sites including CNET. Click here to learn more!


Atomic Bass Earphones developed and manufactured by Radius Earphones, a leading innovator of high-quality, comfort-driven products. Radius is not just an earbuds company, they innovate products that solve specific problems for music lovers around the world. Additionally, the company’s earphones are regularly reviewed by major online technology sites and magazines, which regularly provide rave reviews based on quality, comfort and price.

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Earphones with an Atomic Bass that music lovers can count on

Music lovers around the world have often been promised amazing atomic bass from many of earphones bought in-store or over the Internet and found themselves instantly returning or handing them over to their kid brother who has no conception of what amazing bass is all about.

Bass aficionados understand that the music they listen to should come through crystal clear, without distortion, or a sound similar to car speakers that clinked and clanked back in the 80s. Additionally, earphones that produce beautiful bassmust fit snug in the ear for full impact, while inspiring hours of listening because they are undeniably comfortable.

Atomic Bass Earphones offer a combination of amazing bass and ultimate comfort. Featuring soft earbuds that slip easily into the ear canal, a built in microphone for phone calls and ultra-light aluminum housing, you can’t go wrong! Atomic Bass are ideal iphones earphones and earphones for ipad. Not to mention that CNET and other major reviewers have placed Atomic Bass in the best earphones/earbuds category. Radius Earphones are also perfect for Android phones, computers, PC tablets, iPods, Blackberries and more.

Atomic Bass earphones with mic fit so snugly in the ear that they are perfect for just about any activity under the sun. Whether you are heading out for a run, going on a rock climbing expedition, riding your bike to work, driving on the way to work, shopping at your favorite mall or sitting on your couch at home, you’ll always experience unparalleled comfort. Atomic Bass are easily stored when they aren’t being used within an included pouch that can be placed strategically in your computer bag or purse.

Many are under the false assumption that to experience amazing bass, one has to spend hundreds of dollars on earphones. Atomic Bass Earphones retail for only $39, and their innovator & manufacturer Radius Earphones are so certain that its customers (including you) will love them, so they offer a money back guarantee. What’s more…the company prides itself on creating top-quality products and takes its guarantee a step further by offering a 1-year replacement policy if their products fail or are damaged. To learn more about Radius’ guarantees and catalog of products, visit: Ordering is secure & easy and delivery is always prompt!

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